Winchester Personal Tutor Anna Brooks

Private Tutoring

with Anna Brooks

A highly qualified (PGCE, BSc, CELTA) primary/MFL secondary school teacher with a wealth of teaching and leadership experience gained across mainstream primary, independent all-through schools and international schools in England, Spain and France. 


Anna is based in Winchester, Hampshire.


a2btuition works with several other

similar-skilled qualified teacher tutors.  This allows us to better manage demand and be more flexible with our availability.


What I Teach

Tutoring Levels and Expertise

  • National Curriculum across KS1 and KS2.

  • SATS, IESB and 11+ Entrance Exam preparation.

  • KS3 English/Maths, Spanish and French.

  • KS3/4 and 5 Spanish and French.

Exam Preparation

  • Year 6 SATS, 11+ and IESB Entrance Exams.

  • KS4/5 Spanish and French.

  • KS3 Maths/English, Spanish and French.

Skills Enhancement 

Enrichment and Outdoor Learning

  • Personalised primary and secondary focused learning and curriculum support to boost individuals and small groups.

  • Intervention to secure key concepts; complement and consolidate in-class/school learning.

  • Raise attainment through building engagement and confidence and an enjoyment of learning.

  • Provision of additional stretch and challenge to move learning forward, develop skills to prepare for assessments and enhance reasoning skills. 

  • I am highly experienced in delivering enrichment activities to children of all ages across a variety of settings.  

  • All of these activities (project or skills based) are both fun and creative, and have the ultimate aim of increasing learning engagement levels and pushing natural curiosity levels to higher independent levels of thinking.

Living with Covid-19

As schools prepare to welcome all children back to school following the third National Coronavirus pandemic Lockdown, a2btuition supports pupils to settle back into the spring term as easily and as quickly as possible. We understand that children will have learnt additional skills during Lockdown at home with family and through school-directed online learning.  a2btuition aims to help further develop these skills whilst assisting pupils to confidently resume learning of their school curriculum as quickly as possible.

Winchester Street Scene
Winchester Cathedral

a2btuition is based in Winchester, Hampshire, UK

As February 2021 half-term comes to an end and a new term of Lockdown Home Learning begins for many in England, a2btuition has some slots available to assist both individuals and small groups online.  Working alongside your child's school curriculum and tailoring teaching to suit all learning styles and to best fit with your family's routine, below are some key areas in which we can help: 

  • Help you and your child better understand and complete learning tasks set by their school.

  • Provide key curriculum support and guidance for home learning, individually or in small groups.

  • Prioritise and manage set daily/weekly tasks, ensuring progress with and enjoyment in all Home Learning activities.

  • Align teaching content with your child's interests, through this increasing engagement and extending learning/providing suitable stretch in focused areas.

  • Ensure teaching and learning is practical, meaningful and enjoyable.

Lockdown Home Learning


About Me

Highly Qualified

I  hold a PGCE (General Primary with Distinction), CELTA, BSc Business Economics with French/Spanish (2.1 Hons) and over 10 years teaching, leadership and school management experience gained within mainstream primary, independent all-through schools and international schools in the UK, Spain and France. 


Winchester Personal Tutor Anna Brooks

Anna is based in Winchester

Education,  Business  and Life Experience

Prior to moving into teaching, I had a successful business career within Sales and Marketing which spanned the UK, European and Asia Pacific markets.  Many of the skills I acquired through working in business have been both relevant and invaluable to aid a successful transition into the teaching profession as: Private Tutor, Class Teacher, School Manager/Mentor, Educator, Subject Leader and Modern Foreign Language Specialist.

My philosophy

Personalised Learning

Confidence Building

The foundations of my teaching focus are based on the simple approach that every child is unique.  Each learns differently and at a varied pace so I adapt my planning and teaching to cater for this. 


I take time to understand each individual learner and present an engaging teaching content with correctly differentiated levels of challenge, consistently setting and adapting high yet achievable expectations.  My philosophy is that a good teacher motivates, inspires, nurtures, listens and challenges.  This is translated into my field of tutoring, where I act as a successful facilitator to help children reach their full individual potential across all areas, not just core curriculum subjects.

My initial approach to private or small group tuition focuses on understanding the student as an individual and identifying any variations, misconceptions and possible barriers to learning.  Each session is then expertly planned and supported to help build confidence and self-esteem through learning, with the ultimate aim of helping an individual realise their full potential and raise attainment.  Regular opportunities to revisit identified areas are planned in to build stronger foundations and secure key concepts which will enable a pupil to engage more confidently with their school curriculum.

Independent Learning

Creativity, Engagement and Fun

I possess a strong sense of fun and creativity, which I bring to the ‘classroom’.  By ensuring pupils understand the learning's purpose and that they enjoy learning, this will translate into higher levels of engagement and progress.

Developing independent thinking and learning skills in those whom I tutor are of paramount importance.  Encouraging learners to become independent in and take responsibility for their learning whilst building resilience are essential tools to help equip young people to meet the demands of our rapidly evolving society.  I fully understand the demands and pressures on young people these days and cater to support for these through my teaching practice and content with the ultimate aim of achievement for all and improved academic performance.


Anna goes the extra mile by far.  Her knowledge of the state and private school sector was invaluable helping our son prepare for his 11+ for a highly selective secondary school.  He passed and got a place at this school with only a couple of weeks exam preparation with Anna. She got him writing 30 minute essays and unpicked bits of his arithmetic that he'd struggled with for years!

She is very child centred in her approach and understands how to draw the best from a child, playing to their strengths and helping them to overcome their particular challenges.


If you need a calm, friendly tutor, hire Anna!

Louise J